About Us

A Short History...

This is our story

In August of 1998, 'Dimension Light & Sound' was formed to fill a missing niche market in Stonewall and the surrounding Interlake region. Founder Tim Woodman embarked on this freelance adventure all the while furthering his career in television, radio, & film production. 'D.L.S' became quite busy over the years thanks to the help of friends of the family, their friends, and friends of friends. This word-of-mouth advertising has been our primary source of marketing since then until present day! 'Dimension Light and Sound' grew, and saw another technically masterful friend come on board; Matthew Bevis. Together they founded Pure Pulse Productions, and in 2004 'Dimension Light & Sound' was retired in name. The two took on many larger projects throughout the years, most notably within the Selkirk & St. James School Division; assisting them with productions and installations.

Time grew on, and many events later, the two became busy in their own respective careers of broadcasting and event production. While Woodman stopped doing events briefly, he focused his career primarily in radio and post production. His voicing and commercial work can be heard on several stations across the globe! It wasn't too long after that Woodman decided to get back into the event production game, and gathered up another group of like-minded friends to start hosting night-club events. The group wanted a fresh identity, and something that's catchy. They unanimously decided on 'Bomb Squad Entertainment'. The requests for weddings, socials, and corporate events started to ramp up after word got out that Woodman was back in action with his crew. Still going strong to today, BSE is always ready for your next event!